FUELFuel After School will run Mondays-Fridays from 3-6 PM.  

In January, 2013, The Philadelphia Project started an after school program, at Roxborough Church.  Fuel provides a low-cost, safe, and educational after school program for children grades K-6.  The program provides a place where students can learn teamwork, leadership, service, accountability and faith in God.

During Fuel, students are provided a snack, computer access, homework help, recreational games, and electives or clubs. By bringing in volunteers and junior interns, the students will experience a variety of games and electives to choose from. Fuel will be in contact with the local schools to help develop what children are learning in school, and continue this process through the after school program. Within limit, students, school administrators and teachers will have part of the say in what happens during the after school program in hopes that we are serving the community’s needs.

By working with the community in this way, we plan to invite all the students from the after school program, and additional students in the community to our summer camp programming. During the month of July, The Philadelphia Project will host two and a half weeks of summer camp to the students in our community. The values of Fuel will continue into our summer camp design while helping to enrich the lives of our students and in turn, providing a help to the parents and guardians of our participants. The two and a half weeks of our summer camp will lead up to Roxborough Presbyterian Church’s Vacation Bible School. Through this, we hope for our invitation to the local church to be obvious and welcoming. We pray that our community will be reached through these programs in many different ways.

Please join The Philadelphia Project and Roxborough Church in supporting our after school program: Fuel After School and our summer camp programming. Pray that planning continues to run smoothly, and there is an enthusiastic response from the community.  We are excited about the Roxborough community and the chance to connect with the local schools.

Contact us at Fuel@rpcnet.org for more information.

Follow this link to make a Fuel payment.


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