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  • About Us

    Who are we:

    The Philadelphia Project is a Christian non-profit organization committed to the holistic development of the neighboring community in partnership with the local church.

    What are we about:

    We seek to accomplish our mission through the creation of a vibrant, engaging, and safe community center as well as providing service opportunities caring for the homes of the elderly, poor, single-parent and those plagued by hardships.

    What is our inspiration:

    “Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this City, because there is no one like our God.” – Lyrics from God of this City by Chris Tomlin.

    We hope this short video will be your inspiration:

    Follow this link to a YouTube video.

    What we offer:

    The Philadelphia Project offers a unique and powerful service and mission trip for youth groups. We challenge youth to serve whole-heartedly in our community and to think critically about how God’s Word speaks to social and spiritual issues. Our prayer is that God uses these experiences to make an eternal impact on youth and those they serve, as well as a visible impact offering hope and restoration to our community.

    What we believe:

    We are a Holistic ministry: Jesus was passionate about loving the whole person, and so is The Philadelphia Project. For us, this means that we involve youth in meeting people’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs. We encourage teenagers to share the love of God through their actions and when possible, their words.

    We are a ministry of our community: Our ministry exists to meet the needs of our community. Through a partnership with youth, churches, and college students, we seek to meet housing needs, as well as emotional and spiritual needs. Though our focus for the summer is to address the current housing situation for our neighborhood, we remain open to other voids that God may ask our ministry to fill.

    We believe in relationships: 100% of the service your youth are involved in is a direct result of the continued ministry of Roxborough Presbyterian Church. We are committed to building meaningful relationships with those in need in order to accomplish many different Christ-centered goals. Philadelphia is our home and we serve here all year long.